Gustavo Ramos (b. 1993 Paraná, Brazil) is a three-time recipient of the Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship. His work has been featured in several magazines, including The Artist’s Magazine, International Drawing Annual, and Southwest Art which named him a "Young Artist to Watch." Ramos currently resides and maintains a studio in Phoenix AZ.

Artist Statement
​     My representational oil paintings juxtapose modernist design and the classically-oriented figure. While my technique pays homage to the Renaissance masters, the manner in which I create space is akin to the aesthetics of modernists like Hopper, de Chirico and Morandi. But in contrast, I intend for a narrative to emerge first in the quiet gaze of the figure. 

     My interest in the human form arises from my experiences as a Brazilian immigrant moving to the United States with no English fluency. This non-verbal period refined my sensitivity to the subtleties of facial and other physical expressions, which now aid me in my practice as a way to explore emotion and depict the figure not as decorations, but rather as agents in their own story. I intend for my work to have a timeless feel to it by using a time-tested approach, while having contemporary relevance by responding to modern visual trends.


Southern Virginia University | BA 2017 



  • Art Renewal Center - Staff Award
  • Portrait Society of America International Competition - Select 50 Award


  • James C. Christensen Scholarship
  • The John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Foundation Fine Art Award


  • Manifest Gallery, International Drawing Annual - Finalist
  • The Florence Academy of Art Summer Scholarship
  • The John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Foundation Fine Art Award
  • Southern Virginia University Annual Art Show – Best of Show


  • The John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Foundation Fine Art Award
  • 1st Place – Greater Arizona Winston Visual Art Competition
  • Meridyth M. Kidd Memorial Arts Scholarship



  • Strokes of Genius – Finding Beauty – Issue 11


  • Southwest Art Magazine – 21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch –September Issue
  • The Artist’s Magazine – Shades of Gray Competition – May Issue
  • Poets and Artists Magazine – Figurative Realism – 100th Issue
  • The Circle Foundation – Quarterly Art Review – Spring Issue
  • ARTIT Magazine – Issue #3



  • ARC Salon – Sotheby’s NYC


  • ARC Salon – MEAM European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona ES
  • Spring Salon – Springville Museum of Art, Springville UT


  • Senior Art Show – Southern Virginia University, Buena Vista VA
  • Portraits – Nelson Gallery, Lexington VA


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