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Drawing the Portrait

$45.00 USD

Looking back to the Renaissance draftsmen, Gustavo Ramos completes a drawing with a focus on delicacy of form, bold shape design, and nuanced mark-making. Watch over the artist's shoulder as he makes use of a diverse array of materials ranging from graphite to pastel to create a sophisticated portrait drawing from the ground up. 

Follow along as Ramos walks you through his meticulous approach that landed the front-cover in 2020’s The Best of Drawing magazine. This in-depth demonstration will help the beginner or advanced student internalize principles of light, structure, tonal abstraction, shape design, and value refinement as it relates to portraiture. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve a high level of finish in a time efficient way.
  • What to look for when establishing proportions.
  • Selecting the right paper and making the most out of its qualities.
  • How to naturally and intuitively render skin texture with pencil.
  • Blending vs. cross-hatching, how to best use both.
  • The importance of dissecting and simplifying visual information.
  • A method of establishing tones that saves hours of work.
  • How to achieve rich darks and preserve the lights.

Language - English

Duration - 3h 5m

Aspect Ratio - 9:16 

Media type - Streaming, not physical

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