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Painting the Portrait

$45.00 USD

What is it that gives a masterful oil painting its jewel-like quality, mysterious luster and lasting freshness? The extensive properties of oil paint have enabled the creation of iconic portraits that prove difficult to decipher. In this 3 hour video, Gustavo Ramos will walk you through his award-winning portrait method from the ground up.

By painting a self-portrait, Ramos will demonstrate his unique way of dissecting visual information into a rich and dynamic likeness. Watch over the artist's shoulder as he makes use of his sensitive color palette and particular brush-handling to lay thick impastos and translucent shadows. Lively discussions and meticulous breaking down of visual concepts will equip the beginner or advanced student with a newfound arsenal to create luminous professional portraits in a way that only oil painting at its highest level can achieve.

What you'll learn:

  • Optimizing the qualities of opaque and translucent paint to enhance the illusion of space.
  • How to apply rich impastos while maintaining delicacy of color and form.
  • Interpreting the “broken color” of the flesh with a logical yet intuitive approach.
  • A mentality of building layers even when painting Alla Prima.
  • Dependable methods of mixing accurate skin tones.
  • A mindful way of blending.
  • In-depth discussions addressing various topics.

Language - English

Duration - 3h 5m

Aspect Ratio - 9:16 

Media type - Streaming, not physical

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