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The Portrait in Layers

$90.00 USD

"Squeezed between the layers of this portrait is everything I currently know about painting."

Join Gustavo Ramos in this comprehensive 5-hour tutorial where he discloses the proven techniques he has developed through nearly a decade of studying classical painting. Following his systematic approach, you will witness the solutions to portraiture's most intricate challenges without going through years of trial-and-error like the artist did.

Watch over his shoulder as Ramos makes use of the same layers system that has landed one of his paintings in an exhibit at the Rijksmuseum, in the same hall as Vermeer and Rembrandt whom he patterns many of his methods after. Lively discussions and meticulous breaking down of visual concepts will equip the beginner or advanced student with a newfound arsenal to create luminous professional portraits in a way that only oil painting at its highest level can achieve.

What you'll learn:

  • Indirect painting methods such as glazing and scumbling, and when to use either.
  • Maintaining dynamic flesh tones while using muted colors.
  • Muting colors without losing their place in the color spectrum.
  • Interpreting the “broken color” of skin with a logical yet intuitive approach.
  • A hierarchy of importance among visual elements to avoid mistakes.
  • Dependable methods of mixing accurate skin tones.
  • A mindful way of blending.
  • The brush handling required to paint seamless transitions.
  • Steps to take before starting a new layer over dry paint.
  • How to adjust and maximize the medium as the painting progresses.
  • Exactly which brushes and pigments the artist finds most dependable.
  • A system of mixing on the palette that abstractly mirrors the painting.
  • How to make drastic changes to facial features even late into the painting.
  • Making adjustments to large forms without needing to repaint entire areas.
  • In-depth discussions covering a variety of topics.

Language - English

Duration - 5h 6m

Aspect Ratio - 9:16 

Media type - Streaming, not physical

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